Kidney Metabolomics and Proteomics


Sahir Kalim Protein and metabolite alterations in uremia Eugene Rhee Kidney metabolism in health and disease

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Inflammation and Fibrosis


Joseph Bonventre Study of the effects of AKI on the development and progression of kidney fibrosis Li-Li Hsiao Mechanisms of CKD-related cardiovascular complications especially distant tissue fibrosis Ryuji Morizane Modeling Kidney Fibrosis in Kidney Organoids derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

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Jamil Azzi Development of liquid biopsy for patients with kidney disease using urinary exosomes Joseph Bonventre Core Laboratory to measure biomarkers of kidney function and injury Eugene Rhee Metabolomic and proteomic markers of kidney disease Leonardo Riella Point-of-Care urine assay using CRISPR/cas13 to monitor transplant patients Venkata Sabbisetti Discovery and validation of biomarkers using omic technologies, identification of novel therapeutic targets in kidney disease Ryuji Morizane Vascularized kidney organoids on chip for efficacy and toxicity testing of somatic genome editing


Anemia and Iron Metabolism


Jodie Babitt Molecular regulation and therapeutics for iron homeostasis disorders

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Outpatient and Home Dialysis


Clinical Training: Care longitudinally for a shift of in-center hemodialysis patients Gain advanced knowledge in home modalities such as home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis through dedicated experiences Elective rotations with interventional nephrology for further experience with dialysis access assessment and management Pair with faculty medical directors for exposure to dialysis medical directorship and quality programs Attend dialysis Medical Director meetings, Home Dialysis University, or Nephrology Business Leadership Program with divisional support Scholarly Opportunities: Engage in quality and safety projects in dialysis Pursue a clinical research project in dialysis Develop educational curricula or assessment tools for dialysis education

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Critical Care Nephrology


Clinical Training: Gain additional experience on our Renal ICU services Rotate in medical and surgical ICUs to gain further exposure to ICU medicine, ventilator management, cardiac devices and technologies including tailored therapy, VAD, ECMO Hone temporary access placement skills and develop other skills such as ultrasonography and POCUS Attend ASN Critical Care Nephrology Early Program with divisional support Pursue formal fellowship training in Critical Care Medicine Scholarly Opportunities: Participate in clinical trials of AKI prevention or treatment including CRRT Study ICU outcomes using clinical epidemiology and data science approaches Engage in a quality and safety project around issues of concern in [...]

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Geriatric Nephrology and Palliative Care


Clinical Training: Gain broad exposure to geriatrics in a dedicated, multidisciplinary geriatric nephrology clinic at the VA Rotate at Hebrew SeniorLife, the geriatrics arm of Harvard Medical School, with a robust geriatric dialysis program Develop specialized experience in renal palliative care by rotating with the Kidney Pal program, a dedicated renal palliative care service at BWH in the inpatient and outpatient setting Build strong foundation of palliative care knowledge and skills through the Harvard Center for Palliative Care’s Practical Aspects of Palliative Care (PAPC) Program Pursue additional formal fellowship training in either Geriatrics or Palliative Care Scholarly Opportunities: Complete an education-focused [...]

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Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis


Clinical Training: Rotate through clinics at the MGH Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis Center (VGN), a world-renowned ANCA and anti-GBM referral center, and the BWH glomerular diseases clinic Care for patients in clinics specializing in infection-related glomerulonephritis at MGH Gain exposure to laboratory assays and enhance native kidney biopsy experience Review pathology findings with world-renowned pathologists Attend the ASN Kidney Week Early Program in Glomerular Diseases with divisional support Scholarly opportunities: Participate in clinical research trials and outcomes studies at the VGN Study novel experimental therapeutics for glomerular disease at the BWH Glom-NExT Center

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Clinical Training: See patients in dedicated onco-nephrology clinics at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and MGH Cancer Center Rotate with onco-nephrology faculty on the dedicated DFCI/BWH oncology service Attend ASN Onco-Nephrology Early Program with divisional support Scholarly Opportunities: Identify and describe renal sequelae of emerging cancer therapies Pursue clinical research into AKI and glomerulopathies in stem cell transplantation Explore the application of oncologic therapies, such as CAR-T cells, to renal disease


Interventional and Procedural Nephrology


Clinical Training: Attend dialysis access clinics to hone access evaluation and examination skills Observe access procedures such as arteriovenous fistulograms, angioplasties, stent placements, and thrombectomies with interventional nephrologists and radiologists Scrub in to access creation surgeries Gain additional experience in temporary dialysis catheter placement Perform native and transplant kidney biopsies under ultrasound guidance Receive formal training in ultrasonography, including renal ultrasonography and Point of Care Ultrasound for evaluation of volume status Pursue formal interventional nephrology training through ASDIN-accredited programs at both BWH and MGH Scholarly Opportunities: Engage in quality and safety projects on dialysis access Conduct clinical research on the use [...]

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