Genetics, Genomics, and PKD


M. Amin Arnaout Mechanisms of cyst formation in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Peter Czarnecki Biochemical mechanisms of intracellular signal transduction that give rise to PKD/other cystic genetic disease Anna Greka Genetics and genomics of kidney diseases Ryuji Morizane CRISPR/Cas9-based Targeted Genome Editing for the Development of Monogenic Diseases Models with Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. David Mount Translational genomics of hyperuricemia Matt Sampson Kidney disease genomic discovery using population-based, multiomics strategies Jing Zhou Using multidisciplinary approaches including human molecular genetics, developmental biology and mouse genetics to understand the physiology and pathophysiology of polycystins and PKD

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Autoimmune Renal Disease Anna Greka Podocyte biology and targeted therapeutics Vicki Kelley Innate and adaptive immune mechanisms driving inflammation Angela Schmider Studying the assembly and architecture of the leukotriene synthetic complex in myeloid cells Roy Soberman Signal integration and macromolecular organization in cells of the immune system  Transplant Reza Abdi Targeting Delivery of Immunosuppressive Drugs in Transplantation using Nanotechnology Building a Novel Imaging platform to Detect Graft rejection M. Amin Arnaout Role of integrins in delayed graft function Jamil Azzi Toward targeted therapies in auto and allo-immunity: Immune regulation and beyond Leonardo Riella Mechanisms and Targets of Immune Regulation in Transplantation: [...]


Membrane Biology


Sylvie Breton Regulation of epithelial cells in the urogenital tract Dennis Brown Vasopressin action - intracellular trafficking pathways of aquaporin 2 water channels Susan Cheung Signaling pathways modulating aquaporin 2 trafficking and expression affecting water balance disorder Mahmoud Nasr Studying the initial events that lead to viral infection at the molecular level

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Biomedical Engineering


M. Amin Arnaout Development of microfluidic devices for dialysis Joseph Bonventre Microphysiological systems incorporating human kidney cells generated from stem cells Luke Lee Kidney Microphysiological Analysis Platforms (MAP) to Optimize Function and Model Disease Ryuji Morizane Biomanufacturing of Vascularized Kidney Tissues: A Foundational Step towards Building a Kidney

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