Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis


Anna Greka New treatments in Glomerular Kidney diseases John Niles Define the role of tests for ANCA in the evaluation of pulmonary hemorrhage syndrome Meghan Sise Clinical trials in glomerular diseases, study of viruses and the kidney

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Shruti Gupta Nephrotoxicity of oncologic therapies Meghan Sise Acute and chronic kidney disease in patients treated with immunotherapy, CAR-T and targeted agents for cancer


Mineral Metabolism and Kidney Stones


Gary Curhan Risk factors and multi-omics approach to prevention of kidney stones Julie Paik Risk factors for fractures

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Kidney Precision Medicine: Genomics, Metabolomics and Proteomics


Gearoid McMahon Perform research kidney biopsies in patients with CKD to create a new atlas of kidney disease Matt Sampson Genomic literacy in nephrology, translating genomic discovery to genomic medicine Sahir Kalim Protein and metabolite alterations in uremia

Kidney Precision Medicine: Genomics, Metabolomics and Proteomics2020-07-13T21:23:46+00:00



Lea Borgi Physiological mechanisms of Hypertension John Forman Effects of Melatonin on Cardiometabolic risks, Physiological mechanisms of Hypertension


Health Policy


Ethics in Nephrology Valerie Luyckx Ethics of ESRD care Ernest Mandel Resource allocation in AKI and ESRD care Global Health in Nephrology Valerie Luyckx Kidney disease management in low- and middle-income countries Mohammed Sayegh Conflict and disaster nephrology: ESRD care in refugee and other stressed populations Population Health Management Li-Li Hsiao Community outreach and education programs (KDSAP) Mallika Mendu Development of network-wide CKD registry, population health-based innovations to improve care delivery Quality and Safety Merranda Logan 1) Hospital and Healthcare System-level leadership in Quality and Patient Safety, including safety event reporting, RCA, Just Culture, regulatory/compliance, quality measurement and quality reporting. 2) [...]

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Structural Biology


M. Amin Arnaout Structure and function of integrins in the kidney Mahmoud Nasr Heterotrimeric G protein signaling in kidney diseases Johannes Van Agthoven Structural biology and antagonist design of Integrin

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Podocyte Biology


Anna Greka Podocyte biology and targeted therapeutics Sanja Sever Podocyte structure and function, the large regulatory GTPase dynamin Ryuji Morizane Modeling glomerular disease in vascularized kidney organoids derived from human pluripotent stem cells

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Mineral Metabolism


Jodie Babitt Crosstalk between iron, anemia, inflammation and CKD-MBD Harald Jueppner Calcium and phosphate regulation Petra Simic Kidney-bone interaction

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